The other Article 370 in West Bengal

On 6th August 2019, India saw am a historic correction, which was awaited for 72 years. Article 370, in Kashmir, was repealed by the Modi Government and the historical moment was witnessed by the world when the Home Minister Mr Amit Shah announced it to the country’s parliament. The country welcomed it with both hands and an open heart. It has truly enabled the unification of the country. It showcased what a powerful mandate and honest leadership could achieve – address the issues which sought attention for seven decades, unification of the democratic participants when the resolution was passed with a 2/3 majority in both the houses of parliament.

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The country rejoices the unification of the Indian land which was constitutionally mishandled by those who agreed to such arrangements, but one part of the country was deprived of many of its constitutional rights and is officially under the state of a constitutional breakdown in civil rights. There is an unspoken article 370 imposed or should be said article ‘TMC’ imposed, which is the self-created situation of the TMC government in West Bengal.

Article 35A did not allow people out Kashmir to buy land in operating as a single land, it also gave entitlement of citizenship only to those who lived before 1954. The soul of India is one which is the true Nationalism. West Bengal and Jammu Kashmir have the same Indian soul which is ‘Rashtriyata’. As a Bengali I can say that over the period of time there has been a planned sabotage of the Nationalism soul of Bengal and similar approach has been happening in Jammu Kashmir. Rashtriya Svyamsevak Sangh and BJP draws its inspiration from Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo , which is truly the actual ‘aatma’ of this nation.

Let me state how J&K before Article 370’s abrogation was similar to WB now.

 Let’s look closer to the current situation in West Bengal.

Tolabaazi and Syndicate

Tolabaazi is the local parlance or organized extortion by the TMC cadre and politicians which is instructed from the top. Today financial transactions that include monetary engagement to sell or buy any land there is Tolabaazi Tax which needs to be paid illegally to TMC politicians. Its an open secret and has become part of daily lives in West Bengal.

Syndicate is also an organized cartel of the forced ecosystem to which everyone in the state has to fall in line. Syndicate groups in West Bengal is an illegal nexus between the government officials, TMC politicians- elected representatives and local mafia to dictate terms in the sale of land, construction and building material. If someone dares to go by legit means the syndicate ensures forceful methods upon one to accept their ‘terms’.

As a free citizen of India, you cannot define your choice if you want to buy or sell a land in West Bengal nor you can define your choice of buying cement from the local market. it will be decided by the local goons and the syndicate.

The central government abolished Articles (370 and 35A) which was a biased self-centred law devised by a handful of political figures. One of the basic flaws was striping off a women’s citizenship rights if she wishes to marry someone from outside of the state. All accolades should be given to the central government leadership for the much-awaited decision.

Two days back I was in Kolkata for my work and there was an attempt of life upon one of BJP’s Loksabha MP Arjun Singh. We somehow escaped a life threatening attack. Such things are very regular in entire West Bengal and people there are desperate to break away from the dictatorship and goondaism of TMC government.

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Its time the democratic rights of the West Bengal are restored. The will of people was showcased in the recent Loksabha elections and hence the election commission should enable a truly free and fair election. The land of Nationalism awaits the repealing of the article “TMC’.

Animesh Biswas

National Executive Member BJYM and National Co Convenor of #Savebengal campaign.