Marichjhapi: Jallianwala of Bengal

What first comes in mind when we hear Bengal; Spiritual movement of 15th century, Social reforms of 18th century, freedom Fighters, communist rule, current Jacobean regime, demographic destruction aur human rights violation. Despite that Bengal has folded thousands of stories and events in its foetus. 24-31 January 1979 is one of them, it is as horrific as 13 April 1919 Jallianwala. But for few or many reasons it wiped from the history of the bloodiest massacre and genocides of the world.

In 1947, almost lakhs of Hindu refugees from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) Fled To India, Most of them were sent to Dandkaranya or Chota Nagpur. During 1978 When Communist Govt Under the leadership of Chief Minister Jyoti Basu took the power in his hand, these Hindu migrants started to return into the West Bengal boundary.

But the Left Front meanwhile changed its policy on refugee settling and considered the refugees as a burden to the state. As stated by Deep Halders Book “Blood Island” approximately 150,000, almost all of Dandakaranya refugees arrived (where most of them were deported back). In the meanwhile approximately 40,000 refugees went south and camping for a few months in Hasnabad settled in Marichjhapi, a protected place under the Reserve Forest Act.But the Left govt asked the settlers to vacate Marichjhapi on the excuse of protecting Sundarban biodiversity and that the villagers were endangering the ecology.

The Hindus denied this fallacy of the Left Govt. In January 1979, the Jyoti Basu government clamped a complete blockade on the island. Police started patrolling the island, preventing anyone from providing food or water to the residents of the island. On January 31, 1979, police opened fire at Hindus .Thousands of children, women and young men were killed, butchered and raped. It became one of the worst human rights violations in Post independent India.

In the Glorious history of bengal Marichjhapi hindu Mascara is a dark scar. After 41 year of mascara, memories are still alive and easily can be seen in the current political scenario of Bengal. The TMC regime led by “Mamta Bhai” is openly promoting political violence and abolishing basic human rights of Bengali People. Political goons of TMC killing and butchering every voice of dissent, hundreds of BJP workers and leaders killed for political vendetta. Mamta Banerjee adopted Communist tactics of violence in its un-conscious Manifesto and came with a mutated “CommunisTMC Manifesto” of violence.