An Emerging Reality

Fast forward. It will be a reality. The year is 2040. The world’s war against Coronavirus has long been over. Despite scars, the world order has changed. India has emerged not only as a leading world super power but it has also been instrumental in sharing with the world two important lessons – perseverance and being self–reliant – while dealing with an invisible enemy.

The way Coronavirus would be defeated will be a part of world history with a big mention of the role played by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, in playing a lead role in countering it despite a billion-plus population in the country.The entire world is now in all praise of our Prime Minister for the way the crisis has been handled so timely and strategies to counter it being executed so well. The truth is self-evident.

Innovative ideas translated into reality by the Indian government already as Digital India and Swachh Bharat campaign, were belittled at one point by the opposition. Now, people can see and feel the importance of these policies at this hour of the health crisis. Crisis management is not always to be learnt in foreign shores. Turn to your roots. The answers lie there. That’s what is clearly evident and established by our Hon’ble Prime Minister.
Immediately after this crisis gets over, digital – both in technology as well as in content, will rule the market. And, that’s where India will show the path again.

Cut to the present. Here is my advice to the Trinamool Congress. They should first learn the meaning of ‘adventure tourism’ and then preach it. The Central team which went to the state to take stalk of the situation has every right to do so. This was after reports that strict lockdown measures were not followed and relaxations were given despite several reminders. It went to several states and nowhere have these teams faced any problem except West Bengal. Why so? Is there anything that the state government is not revealing?
This is not the time for politics and the people of West Bengal are wise enough. Drawing circles on roads with a battery of followers is a good publicity stunt. Leave it for the officials to do their job. You never lead a state by hitting the roads in this kind of a fashion amidst this critical situation.

Then came videos of state government hospitals and what an alarming effect! The state government banned use of mobile phones inside government hospitals. The videos showed the abysmal conditions of the state hospitals.
At a time, when the entire country, including states ruled by the opposition, is fighting together against the deadly Coronavirus under the stupendous leadership of our Honb’le Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi; the TMC, is bringing politics, even at this hour.
Despite this, India will win the war against this virus with the help of our front line warriors including doctors, medical staff, administrators, police and all others associated with combating this virus, backed by the government and people of this country.

The author is a global digital content strategist, senior journalist and a film producer