The missed IT opportunity in West Bengal

What Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow

Today the world is moving towards a different paradigm altogether so is India, The world economy will never be the same again and hence businesses across the industry will have to find new way to survive in the coming times. The IT industry of India have always been the shining light in the ever-growing success story of Indian economic growth. In the IT industry we have created many success stories, many great businesses and more importantly we have created many jobs, it is a well-known fact to the world that India is the leading country in IT services across the globe and we continue to do that. There is not a single company which can say that it is not related to India in somewhere other. The IT industry has given a new lease of life in terms of moving to a different economic stratum to the pre and post liberalization period. Many youngsters from the rural India aspire to become a software engineer and go to the next level of success, prosperity and giving a future to their children.

We as a country has seen that IT businesses have been developing across the country, it is known that Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Indore, Ahmedabad, Delhi NCR and even to cities like Chandigarh also are also on the road map of the geographical map of Indian IT story.

Some time ago I had an opportunity to go to Calcutta which has always been the city of intellectuals, art, culture and the city of joy. I had an opportunity to go to Salt Lake City which was supposed to be the next generation city of IT, the business is in the Salt Lake City does not reflect the actual growth which has happened across the country. With such a brilliant talent pool and adoption of education West Bengal could have led the IT success story in a very easy manner. But it seems that the leadership of West Bengal did not pay any attention to that opportunity, you see there are lot of Bengali speaking Indians across the world making road map of prosperity across the world and some of my friends who are Bengali themselves want to go back to the city but still could not find a proper opportunity. It is not because there is a dearth of talent, but it is because there is a huge dearth of IT opportunities. A good service enabled business needs proper law and order, sustainable economic policies and more importantly a fair free environment to operate. in West Bengal everything seems to be missing because there are no connecting dots which can draw the picture of a beautiful landscape in West Bengal.

Thousands of children move away out of their homes and move out of their state for building a career in it but imagine if they get the opportunity to stay near the place they have been born and raised , what difference it can make to the economic and social landscape of that region .
I’ve spent my life in Uttar Pradesh and have had an opportunity to travel overseas hence I understand it is so important to live near to your parents and to your friends, families.

 I urge to the people of West Bengal to help and to enable their future to vote for a change this time. It is the change Bengal has been waiting for more than 70 years now when the world will be growing at a brisk pace India is destined to grow with that speed Bengal has lot of catching up to do , this is the time Bengal can rise up and claim their piece of the cake . That start has to be made by the people of Bengal it is time to save Bengal from the clutches of the current government.