Only discipline can help us win the biggest fight of the century against Corona Virus

O citizens of the world ! live in harmony and Concord ,
Be organised and corporative,
Speak with the one voice and make your resolution with one mind.
As our ancient Saints and seers, leaders and preceptors have performed their duties righteously,
similarly, you will not falter to execute your duties ……….

This is a shloka from Rig Veda and stands true with the contemporary times. The world is divided by boundaries and it is stitched by common thread call humanity. Man has tried to develop itself as a race and a species with time and has moved in strides to achieve its dream, ambitions. A foot on the moon and eyes on the solar system are a reality now. But we have lost our way and work in a mad quest. We have become an undisciplined race.

It’s a human nature that to seek more for itself, to look outside for more. The quests of having more have made men cross seven seas. Many of them searched for materials or for wealth but some went on the conquest of boundaries. Those who sought knowledge and the real truth came to the land of the Vedas. This search for knowledge and material has never ended, which has made the world look smaller but man has not been able to look upon the knowledge and the task which was assigned to him which was to take care of this world we live in. The only civilization or nation which has gone beyond the boundaries of the universe is Bharat and hence it is truly the land of knowledge. The likes of Steve Jobs and Nicholas.Tesla have found knowledge and solace in this land.

Our ancestors gave us the knowledge of looking inward and seek the truth within, many questions which most of the civilization could not even think of is answered by the land of the Vedas. Today when the world is fighting with an unknown enemy there is a greater need to understand the truth which was imparted upon humanity thousands of years ago. Once we win the war against the pandemic and the corona virus there must be self-evaluation humankind must go into. In times,which are not favourable or times which gives sadness, we as an individual can look at the mistakes that have done to Mother Nature. We as a country have many lessons to learn and so does the world, Humans have to learn how to co-exist and we as individuals have to learn to live in a more disciplined manner. There have been times in human history when humanity has won over the odds and has come out as a better race I’m sure this is the time when we will win against this man-made pandemic. We as a country can still go back to the teachings of the great Vedas. We as the citizens of the world and the citizens of a great Rashtra have to look back towards our glorious history of coexistence.

The only message Coronavirus has for us is to obey the laws of nature and live as a disciplined society with a goal of regaining our place as Guru (a person who removes darkness in the form of ignorance) of the world. On the call of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we have shown the world that India is not only the habitat of 130 Crore people but we are also a nation that stands united when the time calls. Thus in times of need, the world will look upon Bharat and this is the time we have to lead them.

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